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 Adulting is hard.

Laundry. Grocery shopping. Decent bedtimes. More laundry. Bills. Adulting is hard. 

Luckily we have strong coffee, happy hour, and funny memes to make it a little easier. Adulting is hard - getting a great car loan is easy!

Finance your new car loan with us, or bring your car loan to us from another lender, and we will give you up to $500 (1% of your loan balance) in CASH! You can fill your pockets now and for many months to come, plus you might be eligible to take a payment vacation up to 90 days! You’ll feel like a kid again!

Take advantage of this great offer, available for a limited time:

  • New car purchase, or
  • Refinance from another lender
  • Get up to $500 Cash Back*
  • No payments for up to 90 days+


*Limited time offer. Payout is based on one percent (1%) of the loan amount, with a maximum payout of $500.00. Not valid on vehicles previously or currently financed with WestStar. The borrower(s) agrees to keep the loan open and current for a minimum of 13 months.  If the loan is paid off within the first 13 months, this incentive paid by WCU, will be added to the loan balance increasing the final payoff amount. Incentive will be paid into member’s primary share account after the first regular payment has posted and the title listing WestStar Credit Union as lienholder has been received. Cash incentive may not be paid if title is not received within 120 days of loan funding. Restrictions may apply. WCU may issue a 1099 MISC.

+First loan payment deferred for up to 90 days on approved credit with interest accruing on date of loan.