Step-By-Step Guide

Download the app
Search for “CardNav” from the Apple iTunes App Store or Google Play Store. Click New User to open the app and set up your account. Find Us – Look up ATMs and locations in your area. Contact Us – Give us a call or send us a message online.


Add your WCU Debit Card
For this step you will need your card and personal information. To add additional cards after you have completed registration, click the Menu button, then go to “Manage Portfolio”, and click “Add Card.”


Set your preferences
This is the Main Screen in which you can turn your card ON and OFF. Control Preferences Alert Preferences Recent Transactions


Alert Preferences
Take a tour and get acquainted with the Alert Preferences first. Review the alert options and decide if you would like to receive alerts on all transactions or specific purchases.


Control Preferences
Enable Control Preferences to set spending limits and configure rules for when and where your card can be used.


Location Controls
Set Location Controls to deny transactions outside of a specified region or away from your mobile device.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does the app require me to login each time the app is launched?
After the initial registration and two-factor authentication, you will only need to log in with your user ID and password or a four- to ten-digit pass code if the application’s session has timed out. One touch access is also available, based on your smart phone model.

Can the app be controlled from a desktop or laptop computer?
No, this is a mobile app and is controlled by a smartphone.

Who can I contact for CardNav support?
Please contact us directly with any support questions. 702-791-4777 or 800-729-9328

Will my CardNav preferences work outside the U.S.?
Yes. If your phone has an internet connection, the app will work.

How long can I leave a card “off”?
You can turn your cards off, leave them off as long as you want to, and only turn them back on when you want to perform transactions.

Are the in-app notifications via push, or do you have to be logged in to the app?
Alerts are push notifications in app. You do not need to be logged in.

Does location functionality depend on phone signal?
Alerts and controls are initiated based on your mobile device location. You must have location services (GPS) enabled with permission to use your current location. If your phone is turned off, without cellular service, or does not provide GPS location coordinates it will use the last saved GPS location. If GPS is unavailable for more than eight hours, CardNav will temporarily ignore the My Location rules until GPS is available again.

What if I have my card turned off and a recurring utility bill wants to charge my card? Will that transaction be denied?
When the card is off, most card transactions are denied by CardNav and alerts are generated for attempted transactions. However, Auto-pay transactions and credits are exempt from this high-level control.

If I need to replace my debit card for any reason, will I need to register the new card in CardNav?
Yes. Whether your card is compromised, expired, or lost, your new card will need to be enrolled so that the new card is able to be controlled in the CardNav app. Note: you will need to wait 24 hours from receiving your new card before it can be enrolled.


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