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Many of you are following the Governor’s directive and staying home to protect yourselves and your families.  Whether binge watching shows you haven’t had time for or keeping your children from going stir crazy, I know that we are all concerned about what has happened and what will happen in the next few weeks when hopefully the shutdown ends and we can start the process of getting back to normal.

Expanded Service Hours

In-person account access is currently limited to our Drive-Thru only; our Branch Lobbies are temporarily unavailable. All of your transaction needs can be completed through drive-thru locations. If you are currently working with any of our Financial Services Representatives on anything, they will still be available to you via email or phone.

In an effort to better serve our membership, we are temporarily expanding our service hours (effective Monday April 6) as follows:

    • Drive -Thru (Harmon, Valley View, Sunset, & Reno Branches)
      • Mon – Fri 8am – 7pm
      • Saturday 9am – 1pm
    • Member Call Center (702-791-4777)
      • Mon – Fri 8am – 7pm
      • Saturday 9am – 1pm

Financial Impact

We understand that many of our members will be affected by the layoffs and closures due to the Coronavirus. We continue to look for ways to help ease the financial impact on you. If you have concerns about your accounts or loans with us, we want to help you. Call us so we can discuss what options are available to get you through this time.

  • Loan Payment Deferrals – we are working with our members who have been impacted financially to defer their loan payments – on personal loans, auto loans, credit cards, and mortgage loans they have with WestStar.
  • Emergency Loans – we have options available for members in need.  Contact us to find out details.
  • Reduced or Waived Fees – we have reduced or eliminated many of our fees and continue to look at ways to ease this further.
  • Mobile Deposit Availability – with social distancing in effect, we realize that you may prefer to make your check deposits from home. In order to ensure you have the funds available in a timely manner, we will be reviewing all Mobile Deposits and making funds available the same day, if possible.

We have also made some changes to our Courtesy Overdraft program. Given the impact of the shutdown, these changes were necessary so that this program is available for those who need it the most.  If you have questions or concerns on this, please call us to discuss at (702) 791-4777.

As a reminder, we offer many digital services that you can use to manage your account! We encourage you to take advantage of these options:

  • MyAccount Online & Mobile Banking: access your account balances, transaction history, make transfers, use Bill Pay, make Mobile Check Deposits, and even chat with us.
  • ATM Access: cash withdrawals, check and cash deposits, transfers, and loan payments can be done at the ATMs at our Branch and Service Center locations. As always, you can make withdrawals at any of the over 30,000 CO-OP ATMs nationwide.

Annual Meeting Postponed

Per the Governor’s request, all meetings with groups more than 10 people are prohibited at this time. As our Annual Meeting requires a minimum quorum of more than 10 people, we have decided to postpone the Annual Meeting temporarily, and will reschedule as soon as we are able. WestStar is strong and financially stable and we have the resources to be there for you during this shutdown. Click here to see our most recent financial statement.

Beware of Scams

Sadly, times like this are when scams start popping up – the fraudsters are looking to take advantage of our desire to protect yourselves and your families. Unfortunately, we have to warn you to be cautious. Only click on links within emails that you trust and limit your online spending to trusted secure websites.

With the announcement of the US Government stimulus package, the scam artists are already in action. Don't believe any emails, letters, or other communication that asks for your personal information or any money in order to get your stimulus. These payments will be sent to those who qualify automatically.

Also, beware of any offers to give you cash if you complete your US Census survey.

We will share updates with you here as this situation continues to unfold, and we will serve you however we are able given the circumstances we are all facing. We are here with you, and we will get through these times together.