Choice Rewards

Find rewards from a variety of categories — more than 6 million rewards in total. For every $1 in qualified purchases on your credit card you will earn 1 point to redeem for an incredible selection of merchandise, travel options, event tickets, and activities. 



Choose from millions of products — from bestselling books and DVDs to must-have TVs, MP3 players and other electronic gear to unique odds and ends. With so much choice, there's something special for everyone.


Flexible travel options and convenient online booking make it easy to customize trips with hundreds of flights, hotels, cruises, car rentals, and vacation package choices. There are no travel blackout dates, so travel whenever you want.


Get front row seats at thousands of in-demand events. From concerts to sporting events, redeem your rewards for tickets to the best in entertainment.


Reward yourself with amazing and unforgettable experiences. redeem points for hundreds of exciting adventures like helicopter rides and whitewater rafting trips or indulge in a spa getaway.


Visit the travel rewards website to track your earnings and redeem points for great rewards. Check it out today! Go to and click the Choice Rewards link.

Incredible rewards. Millions of options.