Mastercard Platinum

Choose from either one of our Mastercard® Platinum offerings. Both cards offer a competitive rate, no annual fees, no "penalty pricing," and more!

Mastercard Platinum ChoiceRewards

Welcome to the program that lets you choose from 6 million rewards! Introducing a new program that gives you access to an amazing number of rewards just for using your card.

Find rewards from a wide variety of categories. Earn points just by using your card and redeem them for an incredible selection of merchandise, travel options, event tickets, and activities.

  • Low fixed rate of 9.90% APR* for purchases and cash advances
  • No annual fee
  • Limits starting at $10,000
  • No balance transfer fees!
MasterCard Platinum (without Rewards)

Go Platinum! The prestige of Platinum can be yours with a WestStar Mastercard Platinum credit card. There are no cash advance fees or inflated rates for cash advance balances, no telemarketing, and no "penalty pricing." Mastercard offers worldwide acceptance, safety, and convenience for all of your personal purchase needs.

  • Low fixed rate of 8.90% APR* for purchases and cash advances
  • No annual fee
  • Limits starting at $10,000
  • No balance transfer fees!
Online Credit Card Access

MyCardInfo is now available!

Create your new login now and access your WestStar Credit Union credit card account online anytime. View your balance and recent transactions, download eStatements, make payments online, and even dispute fraudulent transactions — all through one convenient login. 

Create your profile and access your account now!

Some online merchants use Mastercard® SecureCode™ as part of the checkout process. If you haven’t set up your private SecureCode yet, you can register your WCU Debit Mastercard or Mastercard Credit Card here now, and be ready when online merchants ask for it.

*Annual Percentage Rate. View WCU Mastercard® Credit Card Rates, Fees and Cost Information (PDF)

Gain purchasing power and convenience.