Secured Mastercard

If you have little or no credit and would like to build your credit history, our Secured Mastercard® is available for any of our credit cards and works just like a regular credit card!

How It Works
  • Your credit limit is based on your deposit of at least $300 that is held as collateral in your account
  • Make purchases on your card up to the collateral amount
  • Limits starting at $300
  • Make monthly payments toward your card balance
  • Regular on-time payments create positive credit history
  • Opportunity to convert to a regular, unsecured credit card 

Some online merchants use Mastercard® SecureCode™ as part of the checkout process. If you haven’t set up your private SecureCode yet, you can register your WCU Debit Mastercard or Mastercard Credit Card here now, and be ready when online merchants ask for it.

Gain purchasing power and convenience.