Our Humble Beginnings

On October 17, 1975 we opened our doors as Howard Hughes Employees’ Federal Credit Union. Housed in a tiny office within the Silver Slipper Casino, we established our foundation in the financial industry. By the summer of 1978, we became Summa Employees’ Federal Credit Union and spent the remainder of the ‘70s growing our asset base to over $4 million.

Growing With the Industry

As our membership grew, so did local gaming establishments. The word of our products and services spread quickly amongst the gaming industry newcomers —all of whom wanted to offer the financial benefits of a credit union to their employees. These establishments were added to our SEG listing (Select Employee Groups) and our field of membership expanded to include anyone directly employed or contracted within the gaming industry and their family members.

We Become WestStar Credit Union

In 1989 the credit union's name was changed to WestStar Federal Credit Union, acquiring Southern Nevada State Savings & Credit Union in 1990, Las Vegas Sun Federal Credit Union in 1991. An additional merger with Bally’s Federal Credit Union in 1993 boosted assets to $72 million by year-end. In 1997 our charter went from Federal to State and our name was changed to what you know best — WestStar Credit Union.

Expanding to All of Nevada

While we started in the gaming industry, our future is in SEGs across all of Nevada. From casinos to communications and recreation, we’re a credit union for Nevada employee organizations statewide.

Our efforts continue to focus on understanding the unique needs of Nevada organizations in service, excellence, and convenience. We are continually expanding and revising our products and services to exceed your expectations and provide you, our valued member, the most from your membership.

What's Next Out West

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