The most convenient way to do your banking: have your paycheck or monthly allotment deposited to your savings and checking account, automatically and hassle free.

Don't wait in line for your check — have it posted to your account on payday! We don’t hold your direct deposit like most banks, you can get it up to 1 day early because we deposit the credit into your account the same day we receive them.

How to Set Up Direct Deposit

Speak with your payroll administrator at your work and provide them with your account number and routing number. 

How to find your numbers: 

  • In online or mobile banking, click on the account you want your direct deposit to go in to. There is a details section that tells you the account number and routing number. 
  • The routing number is the same for all WestStar accounts and is 322484634. See where you can find it on your checks below.

Some employers require a direct deposit form from your credit union. You can stop by a branch to pick one up or download one and complete your information.

Direct Deposit Form

Where to Find Your Routing Number

The routing number for WestStar Credit Union is 322484634. Here's where you can spot it on your checks.

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