Fee Schedule Effective 6/23/2023

All rates and fees are subject to change.

ATM Deposit Adjustment Fee $6.60
ATM Foreign Inquiry / Share Transfer Fee (non-CO-OP ATMs) $0.28
ATM Foreign Transaction Fee (non-WestStar/CO-OP ATMs) $2.20
Automatic Share Transfer Fee (up to 6 per month) $11.00/ea.
Bad Address Fee $11.00/mo.
Card Replacement Fee $5.00
Card Express Mail Order Fee $33.00
Check Collections: Domestic $16.50
Check Collections: Foreign $33.00
Copy of Check / Draft / Statement (each) $5.50
DMV Fee $82.50
Early Account Closure Fee (within 90 days) $27.50
Excessive Share Withdrawal Fee (over 6 per month) $20.00
Fresh Start Checking Fee (assessed the last day of the month) $16.50/mo.
Inactive Account Fee (after 12 months) $5.00/mo.
IRA Annual Fee (Traditional/Roth) $25.00
IRA Annual Fee (Coverdell) $25.00
Legal Processing / Account Research (1 hr minimum) $55.00/hr
Levy/Garnishment Fee $75.00
Lien Release Fee $25.00
Minimum Balance Fee (below minimum $5.00 on Share Savings) $5.50/mo.
Money Market Excessive Withdrawal Fee (over 6 per month) $20.00
Money Orders $2.20/ea.
Negative Balance Fee (assessed 2nd business day) $20.00/occurrence
Non-Sufficient Funds Fee (NSF) (each time an item is presented for payment) $38.50
Non-Member Check Cashing Fee $5.50
Overdraft Fee (see Courtesy Overdraft) (each time an item is presented for payment) $38.50/item
Payment Deferral/Extension Fee (based on approval) $39.00
Perks Checking Monthly Fee $5.00
Returned Item Fee $38.50/item
Stop Payment Fee (personal checks/WestStar checks/EFT) $38.50
Temporary Checks (8) $11.00
WestStar / Teller Checks $5.50/ea.
Wire Transfers Incoming Free
Wire Transfer Fee - Outgoing Domestic $27.50
Wire Transfer Fee - Outgoing Foreign (outside the U.S.) $55.00

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