Fee Schedule Effective 7/1/2021

All rates and fees are subject to change.

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ATM Deposit Adjustment Fee $6.60
ATM Foreign Inquiry / Share Transfer Fee (non-CO-OP ATMs) $0.28
ATM Foreign Transaction Fee (non-WestStar/CO-OP ATMs) $2.20
Automatic Share Transfer Fee (up to 6 per month) $11.00/ea.
Bad Address Fee $11.00/mo.
Card Replacement Fee $5.00
Card Express Mail Order Fee $33.00
Check Collections: Domestic $16.50
Check Collections: Foreign $33.00
Coin Exchange Fee 5% of total
Copy of Check / Draft / Statement (each) $5.50
Credit Card Classic Mastercard Annual Fee $20.00
Credit Card 2nd Chance Mastercard Monthly Partic. Fee $5.00
Credit Card Express Order Fee 33.00
Credit Card Emergency Card Replacement Fee $50.00
Credit Card Retrieval Request Fee $11.00/ea.
DMV Fee $82.50
Early Account Closure Fee (within 90 days) $27.50
Excessive Share Withdrawal Fee (over 6 per month) $20.00
Fresh Start Checking Fee (assessed the last day of the month) $16.50/mo.
Inactive Account Fee (after 12 months) $5.00/mo.
IRA Annual Fee (Traditional/Roth) $25.00
IRA Annual Fee (Coverdell) $25.00
Legal Processing / Account Research (1 hr minimum) $55.00/hr
Levy/Garnishment Fee $75.00
Lien Release Fee $25.00
Minimum Balance Fee $5.50/mo.
Money Market Excessive Withdrawal Fee (over 6 per month) $20.00
Money Orders $2.20/ea.
Negative Balance Fee (assessed 2nd business day) $20.00/occurrence
Non-Sufficient Funds Fee (NSF) (each time an item is presented for payment) $38.50
Non-Member Check Cashing Fee $5.50
Overdraft Fee (see Courtesy Overdraft) (each time an item is presented for payment) $38.50/item
Payment Deferral/Extension Fee (based on approval) $39.00
Perks Checking Monthly Fee $5.00
Returned Item Fee $38.50/item
Safe Deposit Boxes  
     3 x 5 Box $25.00/yr
     3 x 10 Box $35.00/yr
     5 x 10 Box $50.00/yr
     10 x 10 Box $75.00/yr
     Trip Charge (for vendor to come onsite to Harmon Branch) pass thru
     Safe Deposit Box Drill (per box) pass thru
     Lost Safe Deposit Key and Lock Replacement pass thru
Stop Payment Fee (personal checks/WestStar checks/EFT) $38.50
Temporary Checks (8) $11.00
WestStar / Teller Checks $5.50/ea.
Wire Transfers Incoming Free
Wire Transfer Fee - Outgoing Domestic $27.50
Wire Transfer Fee - Outgoing Foreign (outside the U.S.) $55.00

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