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I had been an account holder/member with WestStar back in the 80s while employed with MGM RENO. Sadly, I left and opened an account with a major bank. I came back to being a WestStar member after suffering significant losses due to the bank's unscrupulous and unethical practices, their lack of attention to my needs, and sole focus on theirs was something I couldn't bear. My (operative word) Credit Union belongs to me, I am treated fairly, honestly and with personalized attention. 


    Outstanding Rates and Services - Zachary in the Sunset Branch is always there to help and assist in all my banking/financial needs.


      I have had the privilege of being a member of WestStar for over 27 years. I wouldn't be anywhere else. Fantastic customer service. Everyone in Reno is truly positive & smile as they greet me.

      HARVEY S (RENO, NV) 
      MEMBER SINCE 1985

        I'm a new member with WestStar. I had some personal financial issues. Kathy & Theresa whom are agents at my branch-assisted me graciously. They were empathetic with my issue, and kept me on track with my goals for building my credit. Great customer care, thank you ladies.

        MEMBER SINCE 2015

          I believe I joined as member of Weststar CU in 1997. I was new to Vegas and had only been here for a year. I was interested in cleaning up my credit. It sounded like a great idea and I was proud to dive in. I met a loan officer named Ruth Perriman who approved me for a small loan. She inspired me to the point I wanted to show my appreciation. I quickly paid off the loan and kept in good standing with the credit union. I kept working on my credit and in 1999 purchased my first of 8 properties here in town.

          We are investors who see WestStar as  a great foundation to have.  I'll never forget Ruth who helped me get started and I send her a greeting every time I encounter the staff. My plans are to keep a solid relationship with WestStar because it to me means family security!

          GARY M (LAS VEGAS, NV) 
          MEMBER SINCE 1996

          I did have hesitation before joining, because I’ve made bad choices before with credit cards, and didn’t really understand why you would go with a credit union. I love WestStar! My concerns have definitely gone away. They have helped me build my credit up, and also helped me get a car! I have been a member about a year a year and a half.

          When I first joined WestStar I was a little weary and I was struggling with bad credit and a car that was about to die on me any minute. Alicia was amazing! She followed up with me. She explained everything so I could understand it, since let’s face it, I didn’t know anything about secure credit cards, secure loans, or car loans. She answered EVERY question I had. She was so awesome and in 6 months we had worked together and accomplished my credit to increase and was able to get a car loan!

          I have never had a reliable car let alone a new car. Alicia helped me so much she always was able to help my parents get 2 new cars as well. I think the customer service stands out most to me. Alicia from day one until now still follows up with me gives me her suggestions, and doesn’t leave you hanging for weeks. She is always there when I need help. I would highly recommend WestStar to everyone. I would tell them no matter what your circumstances are WestStar helps you get back on your feet and helps you paint your future. I would like to add that Alicia is amazing!!!! She is so helpful.

          MEMBER SINCE 2015

            From my first call, to the completion of my loan process, Shae was upbeat, positive, answered all of my many questions, she was always available and very accommodating. She was prompt in her replies when I couldn’t get a hold of her and made me feel like I wasn’t just another customer. She helped me find a solution that would work best for me.

            My loan process with Weststar was a great experience and I have no doubt that was due to Shae and her exceptional service.

            JOE L (LAS VEGAS, NV) 
            MEMBER SINCE 2015

              My experience with WestStar has been good. I would even say good enough that if the numbers are right and interest rates are low enough, I might even make my car loan with them and refinance my house with them.

              ROBERT W (HENDERSON, NV) 
              MEMBER SINCE 2003