Direct Deposit

Convenient. Safe. Reliable.

The most convenient way to do your banking: have your paycheck or monthly allotment deposited to your savings and checking account, automatically and hassle free.

Don't wait in line for your check — have it posted to your account on payday! Download WestStar's Direct Deposit form, print and bring it to your payroll department to get signed up for direct deposit now.

Payroll deduction is available at most employers. Ask your payroll department if they participate in this program. Direct deposit is available from any government or state department.

WestStar Credit Union Routing Number: (ABA) 322484634

Go Direct®

Are you still receiving Social Security, VA, or other federal benefits by paper check? You are required by the U.S. Department of the Treasury to switch to electronic payments. It's the law.

Sign up for Go Direct, the best way to get your Social Security and other federal benefit payments.