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Outgoing Wires

When sending funds from WestStar Credit Union to another institution via wire transfer, please note the following information:

For same day processing, wires must be received by 12:00PM Pacific for foreign wires, and 2:00PM Pacific for domestic.

If you already have a Wire Transfer Agreement on file, you may call us to request a wire transfer. All other wire transfer requests must be made in person at a WestStar Credit Union branch or Service Center location. (Wire Transfer agreements must be submitted in person with valid ID.)

Fees for wires may vary. View our Fee Schedule for details.

We will need the following information to process the wire request. We recommend that you contact the receiving institution to confirm the correct information to avoid delays in the transmittal of funds.

  • The name and routing number of the receiving institution
  • The account number that will receive the funds
  • The name and address on the account that will receive final credit (P.O. Box is accepted)
  • The amount of funds to transfer

To view a printable version of the outgoing wire instructions, click here: Outgoing Wire

Incoming Wires

If you are having funds wired to your WestStar account from another person/institution, you will need to provide the following information to the person sending the funds:

Bank Info:

WestStarCredit Union
2775 S Rainbow Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89146
(702) 791-4777
Routing/ABA# 322484634

Recipient Info:

Your Name
Account Number for account to be credited
Address including City, State and Zip of account

If you have questions, please contact WestStar Credit Union at 702-791-4777.

To view a printable version of the incoming wire instructions, click here: Incoming Wire

Routing Number

WestStar Credit Union's Routing/ABA number is 322484634.


Please contact WestStar Credit Union at 702-791-4777.