Fresh Start Checking

Wouldn’t it be great if life came with a reset button? While we can’t make that happen, we can offer you a checking account that offers just that — a second chance to maintain your checking account. 

With convenient Fresh Start checking, you get more from an account than you might have thought possible — all for a low monthly fee. Take advantage of free account services, like online banking and bill pay, and mobile banking. And for added savings, you even get a Debit Mastercard® with CardCash™ Debit Rewards*.


*Effective immediately, new members wishing to participate in the CardCash™ Debit Rewards program must have either a Perks Checking or Smart Money Account. New Simple and Fresh Start Checking Accounts are no longer eligible to participate. Effective October 1, 2017, the CardCash™ Debit Rewards program will no longer be available on existing Simple and Fresh Start Checking Accounts, and will only be available to those with a Perks Checking or Smart Money Account.

Get checking that works for you!